Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today’s Thought Bubbles

Student:  “Mrs. J., I got two things to say.”

(It always cracks me up when they have more than one thing to say and they have to tell me exactly how many things they are going to say.) 

So…as I was saying… 

Student:  “Mrs. J., I got two things to say.”

My thought bubble:  Just get on with it already…I don’t need a thing count before you get started!

My actual words:  “Okay hon, go ahead.”

Student:  “Well...I forgot the first thing I was going to say.”

(It also cracks me up when they forget!)

Thought bubble:  Oh, brother!

Actual words:  “That’s okay; go ahead with the other thing you were going to say.”

Student:  “My mom used to live in Antarctica…or maybe it was that other place where it snows a lot.”

Thought bubble:  Well, that’s random, and, um, I’m pretty sure your mom didn’t live in Antarctica.

Actual words:  “Hmm….Antarctica, huh?  Do you mean Alaska?”

Student:  “Oh yeah, Alaska, that’s it, my mom used to live there.”

Thought bubble:  Well, I’m glad we got that all cleared up.  Can I go back to teaching now?

Actual words:  “Cool!”

Oh, and by the way...Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

A best friend is like a four leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have. 
~Author Unknown

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