Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank Goodness Someone around Here Has My Back

My husband and daughter were perusing the YMCA class schedule last night looking for a fitness class to take together.  They are pondering step classes, kick boxing classes, Tai chi classes, and on and on.  My daughter notices a Zumba class and mentions how fun that might be. 

They kind of laugh about it…the husband’s not at all interested (he’s, well, he’s not really known for his dancing skills).  They both dismiss it and my daughter says, “That’s okay, dad, you’d probably have been the only guy in there anyway.”  At the sound of that, the husband is all of a sudden very interested.

I myself have always wanted to take a Zumba class, so I chime in and say, “Hey, we could all take the class together…it’d be fun.”

The husband looks at me and says, “Wait a minute.  If I’m going to be the only guy in a dance class with a bunch of chicks, I really can’t go and have my wife tagging along with me now, can I?”

I give him my best fake “that really hurts my feelings” look, and as I’m desperately trying to think of a quick comeback my son comes to my rescue and says, “Oh, come on dad, it’s not like you stand a chance anyway.  I mean, you do know how old you are, don’t you?”

‘Atta boy, son!  Let’s go to that Porsche dealership right now and you can pick out whatever you want!

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