Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Necklace

Each week we have Star of the Week.  This year, because class sizes have gone up, and because there are a few short weeks in which we don’t do Star of the Week, I decided to try having two Stars each week (there’s also the teeny tiny chance that sometimes I totally forget, so having two Stars each week saves me from scrambling to get everyone in at the end of the year).

When a student is the Star of the Week, he/she can bring in something to share each day during that week.  After the Star explains the shared item, then the rest of the class is free to ask questions about the item.  

Yesterday, one of my Stars was sharing a necklace his parents had recently brought back from their trip to New Zealand.  He’s in front of the class and he’s explaining that he didn’t actually get the necklace right when his parents returned from their trip (which was a few days ago) because “my mom lost her bag.” 

“Do you mean the airline lost your mom’s luggage?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied, and then explained that he got the gift that very morning. 

Fast forward to the asking questions part and a student raised her hand and said, “Well, when did you get it?  Like, right when you woke up this morning or, like, when you were leaving for school?”  (Inquiring minds want to know!)

He replied, “Well, I woke up, and my mom asked me to look outside and see if the luggage was there, so I did, and it was, and so I got my necklace then.  So, it was just, like, pretty much when I woke up, I guess.”  (Poor kid…I mean, isn’t it enough to say he got it that morning?)

Another kid then asks…you ready for this…

“Well, um, how did the plane know where to drop your mom's luggage?”

(Talk about a turn my head and bite my tongue moment!)

He look bewildered for a moment, shrugged his shoulders, and said, “I don’t know.”

Then, another student asked, “What airline were your parents on?”

Oh my gosh, the necklace, kids, the necklace!  (How’s he supposed to know what airline his parents took?)

I have to give him credit, though; again, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “Um, New Zealand Airlines.”  Quick on his feet…I like it!

It seems everyone has now lost track of the fact that this kid was trying to share a necklace…the necklace, kids, focus!

The final question…“Did your parents enjoy their trip?”

Could somebody please ask a question about the necklace?  What’s it made of?  Do you wear it or keep it on a shelf?  Anything, kids, come on!

He looks at her, then he looks at me, like What just happened here?  I was trying to share my necklace!

This is the part where the teacher saves the day...I take over and ask a couple of brilliant questions about his oh, so cool necklace.  He smiles as he answers and then, thankfully, it's time for recess!


  1. "How did the plane know where to drop your mom's luggage?"

    Best quote EVER!

    THAT is why I love kids.

  2. I know, me too. By the way, I'm trilled to have you Enda Lee, the Edna Lee, visiting my blog. You always make me laugh. Kids rock!