Friday, March 25, 2011

Let ‘Er Rip!

The first race of the year is coming up in April, which means I am officially in training, which means I am officially schlepping my running bag with me wherever I go so that I don’t have any excuses not to run.  I even dragged it with me to that dreadful meeting the other day!

As our district office is near a bike/running path, I decided I would just run from there right after the meeting.  That turned out not to be such a great idea…it’s not exactly in the best part of town.  And the husband was not too pleased when he found out.  “You ran where?  By yourself?  Do me a favor…don’t ever do that again!”  No problem!  All the strange noises coming from the bushes totally creeped me out.  On the plus side, however, I logged my fastest two miles ever!
Anyway…that dreadful meeting was over and I was in the bathroom (oh yes, I’m going there) changing into my running clothes.  I’m by myself and I hear someone walk in and proceed to do her business.  I notice there’s an awful lot of funny throat clearing going on and I’m thinking “Good grief, lady, I’d hate to be in the cubicle next to you.” 

Ahem, ahem, ahem.  Ahem, ahem, ahem.  And on and on and on.  Then it hits me.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  She needs to rip one but she’s trying to hide it with all that throat clearing.  (Oh, come on now, I can’t be the only one who’s ever tried that little trick.)

I’m starting to feel sorry for her.  Ahem, ahem, ahem.  Ahem, ahem, ahem.  And then I start to wonder...would it be okay to just say, “It’s okay, honey, go ahead and let ‘er rip.  It’s just us girls in here.”  Even better…should I just rip one myself?  I’m sure that would put her right at ease and make her feel quite relieved.  In fact, I’m certain that letting one rip in a situation like this would totally qualify as a Random Act of Kindness.  Wouldn’t you agree?  I mean, I’d be putting her out of her misery, right?  So I think letting one rip would be a completely selfless act on my part. 

Only I can’t just let one rip.  I can’t rip on command like that.  But I know someone who can!  Oh, if only the husband were there...I’m certain his “Random Act of Kindness” would be Nobel Peace Prize worthy!

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