Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can This Day Please Just Be Over Already…Please?!

I’m normally not one to wish a day away, even if it is a Monday.  In fact, I always tsk, tsk those people who hate Mondays and are always counting down the days until Friday.  Call me Pollyanna, but I try and welcome each new day and view it as a chance for something great to happen. 

And, you’re really going to hate me for this, but I actually like Mondays.  As a teacher, it’s the best day of the week, well, at least, it’s the best day of my week.  You see, on Monday the kids are still a tad bit tired from the weekend, they’ve had a nice little break from each other and from their school work (and, quite frankly, from me), and so come Monday they are a perfect combination  of mellow from being tired and excited from getting to seeing each other again.  By Friday, however, everyone’s had it, and I can barely get even my sharpest listeners to pay attention.  You can keep your Fridays...I’ll take a Monday any day of the week.

Well, until this Monday, that is.  I went to work yesterday morning with the intention of doing two things:  completing five report cards and finishing up the program for my upcoming play.  Those were the two things that I really had to get done.  Of course, there are always a gazillion other things to be done, but everything else was going on the ol’ back burner so that I could accomplish those two goals, those two very simple goals. 

They sounded simple anyway, until I went to work and the power was out.  No power means no computer, and no computer means no working on report cards.  Always ready to be flexible and switch gears, I thought okay, then, I’ll work on the program.  Duh, moron, you can’t work on the program without the computer!  UGH!  I’m sunk.

Wait a minute; I can get the costumes out and organized…finally, a task that doesn’t involve a computer.  So I spent the morning doing just that.  I pulled down boxes, shook out costumes, determined who was wearing what, and proceeded to hang everything up for the kids to see when they arrived.  The first time the kids see their costumes is very exciting! 

As soon as they arrived and got settled I immediately capitalized on this excitement and held up the costumes and showed everyone what they were wearing. Everything was going great….and then a student raised his hand and said, “Um, I thought I was supposed to be a wolf.” 

Of course he was supposed to be a wolf.  I knew he was going to be a wolf…I assigned him the role of the wolf…he had been practicing the role of the wolf…I wrote his name in the script next to the role of the wolf…so where was his wolf costume? 

Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!  There was no wolf costume!  What on earth was I thinking?  Well, actually, there was a wolf costume, but it was given to a student in the other class, the class with whom we are doing this play.  By the way, this play has three "trios."  The first is Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, and The Wolf; the second is The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf; and the third is Cinderella, the Prince, and the Clock.  Thus, two wolves are needed.  But we only had one wolf costume!

For some reason my partner and I had only clued in on the wolf in the Three Little Pigs (her trio) and not the one needed for Little Red Riding Hood (my trio, and therefore, my missing wolf).  The really painful part here folks is that I have this totally amazing mom who made me, no joke, 12 costumes this year…she totally could have made the extra wolf costume!

Instead, guess what I’m doing tonight?  Yep…waiting for the paint to dry on a brand new wolf costume.  And guess what I’m doing tomorrow?  Yep, again…the report cards and program I should have done today.  Well, at least I'm hoping that is what I’m doing tomorrow, because if our power is still out, and we were warned that that is a very real possibility, then I am totally, and royally, screwed. 

And that, my friends, is why I wish this day would totally, and royally, just be done already!

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