Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sharing…I Bet You Can’t Top This!

Sharing ranks right up there with recess in terms of a First Graders favorite part of the day…especially when it’s their turn to be the sharer.  The kids just love when it’s their time to shine, and they love, love, love bringing crap from home. 

You may recall sharing is one of the perks of being Star of the Week and it’s not out of the ordinary for a kid, upon hearing his name called to be the following week’s Star, to say something like, “Oh, I already know what I’m going to bring to share!”  Sharing is a big deal…a very big deal!

It’s yesterday afternoon and our first Star of the Week has just finished sharing her handy, dandy DS thing a ma bob that not only holds DS games, but also has multi-colored styluses.  Way cool!  She gets lots of questions about this…she brought the actual DS the day before, so this was the perfect follow-up share item…anything techy and the kids are hooked.

Up next is our second Star of the Week (you may also recall we have two Stars each).  She marches up to the front of the room, commands everyone’s attention, holds up her finger, and says, “I’d like to share this paper cut on my finger.”

Certain I had misunderstood, and certain she is actually holding something very tiny that I cannot see, I say, “Excuse me?”

In her sweet, yet commanding voice, she holds her finger up even higher and repeats, “I’d like to share this paper cut on my finger.”

This is one of those times I’m glad my dad coughed up the dough for braces.  I give her my most winning smile and say, “Okay, well, why don’t you go ahead and tell us about your paper cut.”

”I’d like to walk around and show everyone first.”

But of course!

She very slowly walks from desk to desk “sharing” her paper cut, and guess what?  The kids are, like, totally in to it.  They oohh and aahh and are just as excited over the paper cut as they were over the DS thing a ma bob.  She finishes showcasing her paper cut, returns to the front of the room, and asks if there are any questions.  About her paper cut!

And guess what again?  The kids, like, totally have questions!

When did you get your paper cut?

Just now!

Where did you get your paper cut?

On my math journal.

Did it hurt?


Where on your math journal did you get your paper cut?

On the page we were just working on.

And on and on it goes.  Who knew a paper cut could be so exciting?!

So tell me…got anything to share?  A mole, freckle, tan line, gnarly hangnail.  Bring it!

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