Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Pay Off

You may recall the husband abandoning me on Super Bowl Sunday for a Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament.  What I don’t think I mentioned is that the tournament was held at his men’s club.  I know what you’re thinking…I thought the same thing…’A men’s club, how very caveman.’

When he first mentioned it to me my feminist hackles went up and I tried my best not to grit my teeth, roll my eyes, and drip with sarcasm when I said, “Men’s club…that’s great honey.”  Okay, I’ll be honest, I actually did grit my teeth, roll my eyes, and drip with sarcasm, but hey, I also said, “Great” so that’s kind of being supportive, right?

I admit I was a bit put off by the whole men’s club idea.  I pictured a bunch of rich, middle-aged, unhappily married men whose sole purpose of being in a men’s club was to escape their wives.  I mean, my husband is extremely happily married (right, dear?), so really, my concern was that he’d have nothing in common with these guys, and that when they started griping about their wives it would be awkward for him because, you know, he’d have to tell them how truly wonderful and beautiful his wife is and they might not like that…in fact, they might even kick him out!  So truly, my concerns were really, as always, for him, and not one bit for me…I swear!

Then I recalled how supportive he is of me (dang it).  I mean, he never says anything about my Book Club...well, other than, “Did you guys talk about the book, or did ya’ll just yak all night long?”  (Oh, how well he knows women.)  And really, my Book Club is basically like his men’s club, well kind of.  I think what initially turned me off about the men’s club is the exclusivity of it.  I mean “men’s club” sounds pretty snooty, right?  And we are so not snooty, “club” people…er, uh, no offense to all you “clubbers” out there.   Different strokes for different folks and all that jazz, right?

So I was upset for all of three minutes and then I decided that my cool, down-to-earth husband would not, in fact, turn into Thurston Howell III overnight simply because he had joined a men’s club.  And you know what?  It’s really paid off…literally!  Because guess who won that Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament?  Oh, yeah, my man, that’s who!  And, guess how much he won?  Try seven, that’s right, seven, of another very cool man…Benjamin Franklin, that’s who…plus a Ulysses S. Grant thrown in to keep all those Franklins company.  That’s right.  Seven.  Hundred.  Fifty.  Big Ones!  Oh, yeah!

I think I’ll start a men’s club fan club…who’s with me?