Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy ‘Oh-My-Gosh-Can-We-Cram-Anything-Else-Into-This-Day’ Day

Yesterday was the 100th Day of School, along with, as you already know, Valentine’s Day.  The fact that I still have any energy left to write about it simply proves how truly “I am woman hear me roar” I really am!
In the interest of sharing (hey, I’m a giver that way), I thought I’d post a few of yesterday’s funniest funnies here for you to enjoy.  I hope you get at least a giggle or two.

First off, it always amazes me how competitive some kids can be, especially over the most ridiculous, inconsequential things.  Take this little exchange that happened yesterday morning as we were lining up to “snake” through the other First Grade classrooms to check out all of the 100’s Day Collections.

Kid 1:  “Look how big my socks are today.”  He proudly displays them as he laughs.  “See, I’m wearing my dad’s socks today.”  He continues laughing…

Kid 2:  (In his best “big deal” voice):  “Come on, I’ve worn my dad’s socks before.”

Kid 1:  (He could really care less; he’s having a grand old time showing me his dad’s socks and he doesn’t even bother to respond to Kid 2…yay, Kid 1!)

Kid 2:  (Never one to be ignored, or one-upped for that matter): “I’ve worn my dad’s socks two times.”

I have no doubt that if Kid 1 had said he had worn his dad’s socks 10 times that Kid 2 would have said he had worn his dad’s socks 11 times.  I always feel a little bit sad for kids like this, but it sure was funny seeing how amused Kid 1 was to be wearing his dad’s socks.

After we snaked through all of the First Grade classrooms and admired everyone’s collections, it was time for First Grade Rotations (each teacher leads a 100th day activity and the classes all rotate through). 

One of the activities was making a pair of glasses (you know, your basic construction paper dealy-o where the zeros in the number 100 are cut out for the eyes…the kids loved it).  Anyway, my class is heading back toward me all aflutter in their excitement over their new glasses and Kid 2 (yes, him again) is getting very frustrated because his glasses are not staying on his face.  After a few grunts, groans, and on the brink of tears, he finally gets them to stay on.  He’s all proud of himself and starts doing his best look at me dance as he says, “Hey, I got them to work!”  This was instantly followed by, “Oh, crap” because, of course, all that moving around made them fall right off!  No, I didn’t tell him that “Crap” is not a school word.  He knows that “Crap” is not a school word!  I am merely relieved that he didn’t end up in a puddle of tears, and the fact that he said “Crap” is really the least of my worries.  I’ve got 23 kids on Hundred’s Day and Valentine’s Day steroids and the only goal I have for the day is to survive it!

In addition to the glasses, with another teacher the kids participated in a “100-year-old” writing assignment with the following prompt:

“When I am 100 I will…”

Well, you know the responses to this were hilarious, and here are a few of the best in case you need proof.

“When I am 100 I will grow wrinkles all over my body, face, and legs.”
(Do I dare tell her that this will happen long before she hits 100?)

“When I am 100 I will need a cane.”

“When I am 100 I will have glasses and have a lot of gran childerin.”
(So sweet!)

“When I am 100 I will be flexabol.”

“When I am 100 I will need a dog to hlep gide me.”

“When I am 100 I will need a weel cher.”

“When I am 100 I will need a cane.  And then be ded.”
(Gotta love a kid who gets straight to the point!)

With yet another teacher the kids read that book about one million cats, and then they did a quick writing response to the prompt If I had a hundred cats to choose from I would pick a cat that…

 Two funny responses were:

“…I would pick a cat that would pull my tooth.”

“…I would pick a cat that has $1,255.99.” 

Hmm…tooth-pulling, money-carrying cats…very interesting!

And the funniest thing of all:  We were having a sack race (okay, that whole event was hilarious), but one kid…you know…the one who’s totally uncoordinated…well, he falls down, picks himself back up (after rolling around for a while, of course), picks up his sack, puts it in his hand, and finishes the race carrying it!  Now that's what I call problem solving!

So, tell me folks, what did you do yesterday?!


  1. Funny stuff...never a dull moment in your class!

  2. Thanks! And you are right, never dull indeed!