Friday, February 18, 2011

I Guess It’s Good To Be Needed

As is the case with most families in which both parents work, my husband and I do the tag-team thing with the kids – he takes the morning shift and gets everyone fed and off to school on time, and I take the afternoon shift and get everyone to and from all of their various after-school activities.  It’s a system that works beautifully in our home.

Now that the kids are a little older though, and especially now that my son is driving, there’s not that frantic sense of urgency in getting everyone up and at ‘em anymore.  The kids now kind of get up on their own and start getting ready by themselves...they even start their own breakfasts most days…oh, my babies are growing up!

I leave pretty early so I typically say good morning to everyone in their various stages of rolling out of bed and then I head on out to work.  The husband, though, is a pretty early riser so he’s usually up by the time I leave.  Except for the other morning…

He’s still in bed and I go to kiss him goodbye and wish him a good day.  He rolls over and says, “You can’t leave.”  Aw, shucks, how sweet, I think, he doesn’t want me to go.  “If you leave,” he says, “who’ll make the bed?” 

Making beds and changing paper towels…I guess it’s good to be needed…I think!

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