Monday, April 18, 2011

Laundry Woes…Here We Go Again!

So I’m doing laundry one night last week…riveting, I know…and can I just say one thing about laundry, and, um, pardon my French, but that sh*t’s never done, is it?

Anyway, I’m doing laundry and I’m starting to get tired so I decide to put the last load in the dryer.  (The last load, by the way, was a load of my dark clothes, which, by the way, I dry on gentle.)  I lovingly place this last load of clothes in the dryer and lovingly set the dial to gentle and lovingly push the start button.  I then decide to throw a load of towels into the washer to be ready to wash the next day after work.  I’m very efficient that way!  (I didn’t actually start the washer because it’s kind of noisy and it’s getting late and I didn’t want to hear it.)

The next day arrives and it’s after work and so I go to grab my load of dark clothes from the dryer and to start the load of towels that I had placed in the washer the night before because that was my plan, right?  Are you still with me?

Only guess what?  My clothes aren’t there…or at least they don’t appear to be there.  Instead I reach in the dryer and find the unwashed towels…on top of my clothes!  Apparently someone, who shall remain nameless, but who happens to be a teenager and who happens to be male and who happens to be my son, decided he couldn’t be bothered to actually unload the dryer so he decided to just put whatever was in the washer on top of what was in the dryer…and then start the dryer…on high! 

Remember, the towels were never even washed…so my gentle clothes (that have already been dried) got dried again…only this time on high and with dirty towels…nice!  And the kicker is that he wasn’t even home when I made this little discovery so I wasn’t able to have the satisfaction of giving him a good old-fashioned piece of my mind. 

I resorted to doing what all moms in 2011 do…I texted him!  And my text may have included the phrase, “What were you thinking?”  But you know what?  A text is just not as satisfying as an in-your-face rant.  To add insult to injury, by the time he got home I couldn’t give him said in-your-face rant because I was totally over it and totally realizing it wasn’t such a big deal after all.  Don’t you just hate when that happens?!

Only it is kind of a big deal, and here’s why.  My son is very smart.  And no, I’m not just saying that because he’s my son.  He really and truly is, well, smart.  Very smart.  As in, gifted…as in, he gets A’s in classes like Honors Chemistry and Honors Math and all kinds of classes I wouldn’t last two minutes in...oh yeah, and he gets these A's with very little effort...just take my word for it...he's smart! 

So he’s a smart kid…yet he can’t tell that bone dry towels in the washer mean that they haven’t been washed yet (come on, even a load left overnight will still be damp) and he can’t tell that dry clothes in the dryer mean they have already been dried and that they need to be REMOVED.  I mean, I appreciate that on some level he was trying to be helpful by doing some laundry in the first place, but seriously…what was he thinking...and what good are all those smarts if you don't have a lick of common sense?! 

Kids!  Gotta love 'em...even when they drive you nuts...or should I say, especially when they drive you nuts!

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  1. I am glad to hear this does not just happen to me!!!