Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Did You Know that In First Grade…?

Here’s a little game I like to call Did You Know that In First Grade…? 
You ready?

Okay, here goes…

 *Did you know that in First Grade there is a new movie called Diarrhea of a Wimpy Kid?
 *Did you know that in First Grade some kids have em  p  three players?
 *Did you know that in First Grade you can wrap your leftovers in tin foyole?
 *Did you know…you can visit a city called elaye?  (LA)
 *Did you know…veterinarian and vegetarian are interchangeable…even when reading a  book called Pets at the VET…even when every picture in said book shows an adult wearing a lab coat…and even when said adults are taking care of ANIMALS?
 *Did you know…you can help your parents by dusting the driveway?
 *Did you know…you can go to the maul and by a knew pear of Vans?
 *Did you know…before you have a play date with a friend you must first decide whose hose you will be going to?  Similarly, when playing soccer, you must first decide who is going to be the goaler.
 *Did you know…there is a new subspecies of tiger called the Bangled Tiger?
 *And, my personal favorite…Did you know that if you get a new playground ball and you don’t want to get it dirty you can carry it around like a baby for the entire recess?

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