Sunday, January 30, 2011

Now That's More Like It!

The husband went away for the weekend to kill innocent birds…er, I mean, he went on a very sporting, very nature-balancing hunting trip.  (Hey, we can’t always agree on everything now, can we?)

He called a little while ago to say that he was on his way home, and that he’s going to stop at Bass Pro Shops, and he asked me if I needed anything.

Excuse me?  Did I hear him right?  Did the man that I’ve been married to for 18 years…the one person on this planet who is supposed to know me better than anyone else, well, on this planet, just ask me if I needed anything at BASS PRO SHOPS?!

Me:  “Um, yes, honey, as a matter of fact I do need something at Bass Pro Shops.”

Him (excited, but a tad bit perplexed):  “Wow!  You do?  Really?  Well, what is it?  What can I bring you from Bass Pro Shops?"

Me:  “I need a new hunting vest.”

Him (even more perplexed): “You do?  Hmm, what do you need a new hunting vest for?”

Me:  “Well, my husband of 18 years just asked me if I needed anything from BASS PRO SHOPS, so clearly it’s time for me to go a’ huntin’ for a new husband!”

Him:  “Got it!  One big, fat, shiny diamond, not bought anywhere near Bass Pro Shops, coming right up, dear.  See you in a few hours.  Love you, bye.”

Now that’s more like it!  Do I need anything from Bass Pro Shops?  Where does he come up with this stuff?

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