Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Early Mother’s Day to All You Bombdiggity Moms Out There!

Here are some First Grade Funnies from our Mother’s Day writing assignments.  I hope they bring a smile to your face…and if they don’t then you need to go back to bed right now and wake up on the other side!

My Mom is The Best…

My mom is the best at changing diapers.  (Ha!  Do you think maybe dad says that to mom so that he can get out of changing those diapers?)

My mom is the best cook in the world.  She bakes so delishish I could just eat the smell.

My mom is the best decider in the world.  On her birthday she decided to go to Sea Fresh and the food was so good.  Best decider…love that!

She Always…

She always kisses me at night.  She does it so I have sweet dreams.  (Melts you heart, doesn’t it?)

She always does the dishes, but sometimes I help.

She Never…

She never puts bugs in our food!  That would be gross!

She never wishes for a new kid because she already has five!  (This is from a little girl with three younger brothers and a brand-new baby sister…that’s five kids under six-years old, folks!)

She never gives me coffie because she thinks I will get too hyper.

She never leaves clothes on the floor, expeshily mine.

She never quits a game.  She always plays until the end.  What a great role model this kid has!

She never stops loveing me, because she’s my mom.  (Awww…)

My Mom…

My mom takes care of kids every day.  She needs a break.  (Another one from our oldest of five kids…I love how sensitive she is to how hard her mom works.)

My mom was my isistint choche (assistant coach) in soccer.  She made us kick our butts.  (Now there’s a visual!)

My mom’s favorite thing is to rest with no noise.  (Ha!  Mine too, buddy, mine too!)

My mom thinks about me and my sister.  Oh, and my dad too.  (I’m sure my husband would agree with this!)

My mom cleans up socks.  (Cute…but, um, is that all she cleans?)

My mom is good at being titey (tidy). Her room is always very, very neet. 

My mom doesn’t like playing wii because she likes acilly (actually) doing things.

And my all-time favorite from our flurry of mom writing:

My mom has been working so hard, my brother and I are going to make lunch in her bed.  (I can just picture mustard on the sheets and cold cuts strewn about the bed…what a lovely sentiment though.)

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