Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You Better Watch…That Mouth…Parents, I’m Talking to You!

We were practicing our Father’s Day song today in preparation for our annual Donuts with Dads event.  Can I just say that at no time during this entire year have we not been practicing a song for something!  If my kids learn nothing else this year, I at least know that they will leave me having learned more songs than they will ever know what to do with in their whole entire lives.

So we’re practicing our song and there’s a part that goes:

…I walk the way he walks, dear old dad
I talk the way he talks, dear old dad…

The song comes to an end and a hand goes up from a little girl in the front.

“Mrs. J., um, the part about I talk the way he talks, well, that’s not really appropriate for me because, um, well, my dad says a lot of swear words.”

I kind of chuckle and say, “Uh oh, whoopsy daisy” which is pretty much my standard response to pretty much anything I hear about my students’ parents that I probably shouldn’t.

Her dad, a great guy by the way, is in law enforcement, so I don’t doubt for a single minute that she hears her share of inappropriate words from time to time (or, um, maybe every day for all I know). 

Now I know what you’re thinking…Just because he’s in law enforcement doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s exposed to things that, well, maybe she shouldn’t be.  And yes, that’s true, except…

I’ll never forget one day earlier in the year when it was time to go home and she told me she was going to the on-campus, after-school daycare program.  She goes a couple of times a week and she’s always very confident (and right) about the days she goes so I don’t question her.  She says she going to daycare…so off to daycare she goes…it’s directly across from my room so it’s no biggie for her, or any of the students for that matter, to just march themselves right over there.

I head on up to the front of the school with the rest of my brood and her dad is there happily waiting for her.  “Aw shucks” I say.  (Oh yes, whoopsy daisy and aw shucks…I am one tough momma, let me tell you!)  Anyway, I tell him that she very confidently marched herself to daycare. 

He looks at me, shakes his head, and says, “That girl is on crack…I told her I was picking her up today!”  He lets out a big sigh, breezes past me, and goes to retrieve his six year old daughter!  I cringe and wait for one of the kids to say, “Mrs. J., what’s crack?”  Luckily, the front of the school is such mayhem at the end of the day that no one (well, no one but me, anyway) seems to have heard what he said….thank goodness!

So there you have it…be careful parents…your kids are listening…and they love nothing more than to rat you out!

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